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Visibility Campaigns

The goal of our visibility campaigns is to connect our international Queer Engineer community. We aim to showcase diverse backgrounds and stories, so that future engineers might see themselves in you.

This Is What An LGBTQIA+ Engineer+ Looks Like Campaign

For this campaign, we teamed up with the wonderful 500 Queer Scientists to bring you #QEVisibility for June 2021.


Browse featured photos and bios here.

Featured QE ad.jpg

The Featured Queer Engineer Campaign is an ongoing visibility campaign. 


This campaign recognizes and honors individuals that have made significant contributions to their STEM field OR the advancement of marginalized and/or underrepresented identities in STEM.

This campaign will also platform passionate individuals to discuss a topic of interest that may be beneficial for the larger community. (An experience, cause, hobby, philosophy, etc.)


Nominate yourself or a friend HERE.

View Featured Queer Engineer awardees HERE.

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